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Along the way, Li Zhaogui, a famous football player in Tianjin, passed away today

Director Li Zhaogui was born in Dalian on September 15, 1925. At the age of 94, he was a disciple of New China’s first national football team coach Li Fenglou and the first batch of new China internationals. He participated in the 1952 Helsinki Olympics and was defeated by the state in 1956. The sports commission was assigned to Tianjin to teach and settled in Tianjin afterwards, making an indelible contribution to the development of Tianjin football and training many football talents.


Many countries support India, especially Russia! Printing media:or buy another 1770 T14 tanks

Recently, news about India’s emergency foreign military purchases were mainly released by Indian media and Russian official media. The Indian Economic Times reported that Russia has agreed to sell more than US$1 billion worth of weapons, ammunition, and spare parts to India. Started delivery to India. In order to meet India’s urgent needs, the delivered equipment was not only airlifted directly to India, but was also drawn from the Russian military’s active equipment.