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The assassination of the Haitian presidential suspect received training from the U.S. military and the security chief of the presidential palace was arrested

   China News Service, July 16th. According to a comprehensive report, it has been a week since the assassination of Haitian President Moise. However, who planned and funded the assassination is still under investigation. Recently, the Haitian police announced the arrest of several Haitian politicians and former government officials. At the same time, the U.S. Pentagon confirmed that some former Colombian soldiers arrested on suspicion of assassinating the President of Haiti had received U.S. military training.


Why was the President of Haiti assassinated? His widow made his first vocal exposure to the manual machine behind the scenes

   China News Service, July 11th. According to a comprehensive report, after the assassination of Haitian President Moise on the 10th local time, his widow Martina Moise issued a public statement for the first time. She claimed that someone hired mercenaries to attack the president, “to destroy his dream.” Martina was also seriously injured in the assassination attack and is currently receiving treatment in a US hospital.


The president was shot dead in 12 shots and his wife was seriously injured. The gunman disguised himself as a beautiful agent. Haiti staged a spy movie late at night

   Chinanews, July 8th (Zhang Aolin) Late at night, the president of a country was assassinated in his residence. It sounds like a bridge in a spy war movie. However, on July 7, local time, this scene actually happened in Haiti-the country’s President Moise was attacked and killed in the presidential residence. It is reported that the president died after 12 shots in the body.