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Israel and Hamas reach a ceasefire agreement, Guterres welcomes

   China News Service, Beijing, May 21. Comprehensive news: After 11 days of clashes, the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) and Israel both confirmed on the evening of the 20th local time that the two sides had reached a ceasefire agreement. United Nations Secretary-General Guterres welcomed this.


The peace talks are just a scam! The battle started suddenly in the early morning, and the missile lifted off but was intercepted.

As we all know, the largest U.S. military spokesperson in the Middle East is Israel. The U.S. provides Israel with a variety of advanced warplanes and missiles, while Israel helps the U.S. strike its opponents, and even bombards the U.S. opponents directly as their opponents! Almost no day is not in the middle of a war, either they are going to bomb other countries, or they are preparing for bombing.


Three rockets fired from the Gaza Strip towards Israel

On the evening of July 5, local time, Palestinian armed Hamas fired three rockets from the Gaza Strip to southern Israel twice. The first two landed in open areas and the third was intercepted by the Israeli Iron Dome Anti-Ballistic Missile System .