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New Year of Culture

Calm down and slowly feel the uneasy years of the past year. We long for the years to be quiet. We hope that the years will be safe. On the New Year’s Eve, when we are leaving the old and welcoming the new, let us wish together:the year of the ox is proud, happy and healthy! However, the sudden new crown epidemic seems to have broken the silence of the Year of the Rat and messed up the rules of life, and life is still going on, and epidemic prevention must be strict.


2021 Shandong Spring Festival Gala Lineup Announced Released “Attack on Happiness” MV

China News Service, February 4, 4th, 2021 Shandong Spring Festival Gala released the sound of happiness “Attack on Happiness” and its MV. The song was composed by artificial intelligence Xiaoice, written by Yang Jian, director of Shandong Satellite TV’s creative communication studio, and AI within the framework of Xiaoice Singer He Chang sang with young opera actor Jia Fan.


Gerdes:I am willing to be naturalized for China

Live it, November 10 News, Shandong Luneng striker Gerdes, 24, accepted an official interview with the Chinese Super League, expressing his willingness to become a Chinese citizen. Question:Being young means unlimited space for development, and choosing to play in China with enough strength to land in Europe. What is the significance of this in your career? Gerdes:First of all, I am very happy in China, I am really happy in my heart.


Life Good Morning Day Sign:Learn to be grateful, learn to be satisfied, and let happiness be a flower basket full of life

There is no unturned road in the world, and there is no unfavorable flower in the world. Human ability in this life is limited, but hard work is unlimited. Try to be a kind person, a person with a sunny mind, and a positive person. Use positive energy to inspire yourself and infect your friends around you. Your sunshine will make the world wonderful because of you.


Good Morning Life Message:Facing the sea, spring is blooming

1. The rain outside the window, the sweet sound inside the window. The sun fell in my heart, disturbing the dream of flowing light. Open your dreamy eyes, travel healthily and happily, bless you in your heart, hope that you will always keep your faith, and a warm saying good morning! 2. All the struggles you do today are to accumulate strength for tomorrow, so don’t give up. 3. There will be light, there will be faith, who will love you through the crowd, you have to wait. 4. You in the future will thank you who are struggling now.