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See you in July and hello in August

In July of the second half of the year, it also came to an end in the chirping of cicadas and frogs. Along the way, suffering and frustration are common. July, although painful, but quite a sense of achievement.


The “grain” policy of a big country 𞓜 the “number” of summer grain harvests and the “square” of policy support

The wind blows thousands of waves in the wheat field, and it comes to a bumper harvest. This year, it is a foregone conclusion that China’s summer wheat has increased production and reaped a bumper harvest, and the quality is better than that of the year. In order to fight this important summer grain harvest battle this year, the central government made early efforts and made precise efforts, with more than 7 billion yuan of central financial funds, 30billion yuan of one-time subsidies, 60000 agricultural machinery service organizations… A series of measures strongly helped the summer grain harvest “get off to a good start”. Let’s take a look at the “brocade bag” and “recipe” with unprecedented strength!


People and things of the walking team (172)

Teammates, time flies quickly. May day is coming soon. Our healthy walking team has also ushered in the harvest season. As the saying goes:no sowing, no harvest:today’s article says,”everyone living on this land will hope that his life can have a beautiful harvest, prosperity and fruitful results.


Announcement of Ningxia Jiaze New Energy Co., Ltd. on the release of part of the shares held by shareholders

Securities code:601619 Securities abbreviation:Jiaze Xinneng Announcement number:2020-093 Bond code:113039 Bond abbreviation:Jiaze Convertible Bond The board of directors and all directors of the company guarantee that there are no false records, misleading statements or major omissions in the content of this announcement , And bear individual and joint responsibility for the authenticity, accuracy and completeness of its content.


Autumn fairy tale

The sweet osmanthus is fragrant, the golden autumn is warm, the rice is fragrant, the harvest is rippling, the forest is dyed, the maple leaves are flowing, the apples are red, the sweet dates are red, the red sorghum is bent over, the rice is ripe, and the aroma of five grains is floating.