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Shams:Avery Bradley joins the Heat with a two-year $11.6 million contract

Live Bar, November 22, according to The Athletic’s Shams, Avery Bradley’s agent Charles Briscoe revealed that his client and the Heat reached a two-year $11.6 million contract, the second year for the team. Options. According to multiple sources, Bradley likes the Heat’s team culture, Riley and Butler participated in the recruitment process.


Heat sign Harkless for 3.6 million a year

ESPN reporter Woj reported that free agent forward Mo Harkles joined the Heat for $3.6 million a year. Harkless, a defensive wing, played for the Clippers and Knicks last season, averaging 5.8 points and 3.9 rebounds per game.


Harkless joins the Heat with a one-year 3.6 million contract

Tiger Fight, November 21, according to ESPN reports, free agent Morris-Harkless has a one-year 3.6 million contract to join the Heat. According to reports, Harkleys rejected a better offer from his team to join the Heat, in order to play a more important role in the Heat and enter the 2021 free market where the salary may be higher. Harkleys will play for the 2019-20 season. The Knicks played 12 games and averaged 23 per game.


Bradley leaves the Lakers to join the Heat with 11.6 million in two years

The Athletic reporter Shams Charania reported that free agency guard Avery Bradley joined the Heat for $11.6 million in two years. According to sources, Bradley was attracted by the Heat culture, and Pat Riley and Jimmy Butler recruited him to leave the Lakers. The 29-year-old Bradley started 44 games for the Lakers last season, but he did not participate in the rematch.


Dragic 2 years 37.4 million to renew the Heat, the second year as the team option

Tiger Fight, November 21, Heat guard Goran Dragic announced on his personal Twitter that he will stay with the Heat. According to NBA reporter Tim Reynolds, Dragic has renewed his contract with the Heat for two years, with the second year as a team option. According to The Athletic reporter Shams Charania, the contract value is 37.4 million in two years.


Antetokounmpo responded to tennis player Kyrgios:Why do you always have to do something

Hupu News, November 17 According to previous reports, the famous tennis player Nick Kyrgios said in an interview that he straightforwardly asked Bucks forward Giannis Antetokounmpo whether he would go to the Heat. The latter had a smile on his face, which he said meant. The Heat have a chance to get Brother Antetokounmpo. Today, Antetokounmpo responded to Kyrgios on Twitter:”Why do you always have to do something?