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Steam coal prices have risen slightly for three weeks. Various parties increase supply to prevent”coal crazy”

The reporter of”Economic Information Daily” learned from Qinhuangdao Coal Net on the 18th that, as the weather vane of the domestic coal market, the latest Bohai Rim Thermal Coal Index closed at 566 yuan/ton, a month-on-month increase of 1 yuan/ton, which is the third consecutive index. Weekly rose slightly. The analysis believes that the country’s coal demand, especially in the Northeast region, has surged into the heating season, but the best-selling coal types are seriously out of stock, and the market has regained momentum. Under this, various parties have increased the provision of prevention of”coal crazy”.


Shun’an Thermal Power’s Shangma Heat Source Plant laid the foundation to fill the gap of no large heat source in the west of Chengyang

After the completion of the project, it will fill the gap that there is no large-scale central heating source in the western part of Chengyang District and provide a strong guarantee for the rapid economic and social development of Chengyang District. According to reports, in view of the insufficient heating capacity of Shangma and Jihongtan in the west of Chengyang, in 2020, Chengyang District launched the expansion project of Shangma heat source plant.