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The design plan of Guangzhou Evergrande Football Stadium is officially released! Will become a”pilgrimage” resort for fans

The latest development is that on July 3, the design plan of Guangzhou Evergrande Football Stadium was unanimously approved by the Guangzhou City Planning Commission. The reporter learned that Evergrande invited 8 top masters from the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia and other countries to organize several rounds of design comparison and selection, and finally chose the top American master Hasan.A.Syed’s plan.


Wei Shihao:Don’t envy Nou Camp, water the lotus crown with more champions! The ultimate solution to conquer fame

Wei Shihao of Evergrande Stadium said that he no longer needs to envy Nou Camp and will use the champion to water the”lotus crown” in the future. Reporter Li Xuan said that he looked forward to seeing the Evergrande football stadium after the stadium was completed.”It’s really good to see this new stadium of Evergrande. The previous construction plan has caused a lot of controversy, but it is actually just a concept. Today, this lotus crown has a sense of technology and modernity.