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May 1st train tickets will start to grab these popular lines early!

   Chinanews client, Beijing, April 16th (Reporter Zhang Ni) The May Day holiday is approaching, and many people have begun to make travel plans. From tomorrow, passengers can start buying train tickets for May 1. With the gradual recovery of railway passenger flow, some popular routes may appear “difficult to find a ticket” during the May 1st holiday this year.


Americans are no longer willing to come to India and set up factories, the more difficult it is for India to become the world’s factory, and Chinese manufacturing has the upper hand.

Jay Forman, CEO of American toy company Basic Fun, said that he considered moving some of his business to India or Vietnam, but eventually found that staying in China is the best choice, and China still has the best production in the world. Supply chain, facts have proved that China can respond to the epidemic faster and more effectively than any other country. So, what about the performance of the manufacturing industry in India and Vietnam, which have been vigorously developing manufacturing industries in recent years?


India is proud of its high-speed rail, saying that the speed is as fast as lightning, and the result is smoke and smoke after a day of driving

According to Japanese media reports recently, India’s first”Shinkansen” is finally going to start construction. The National High Speed ​​Rail Corporation of India held a signing ceremony for the relevant construction contract. The railway, jointly promoted by the Japanese and Indian governments, will use Japanese Shinkansen technology to connect Ahmedabad, India to India’s largest city and economic center Mumbai, 500 kilometers away.


The Chengdu-Yuzhong Line high-speed railway will start construction before the end of this year at the earliest

At the meeting, Deng Changjin, deputy director of the Sichuan Provincial Development and Reform Commission, introduced new opportunities for the construction of the Chengdu-Chongqing Shuangcheng Economic Circle, and revealed that the two high-speed rail lines connecting Chengdu-Chongqing-Chengda-Wanzhou High-speed Railway and Chengdu-Chongqing Central Line will be the fastest this year. Construction will start before the end of the year, the early stage work of the Chongqing-West Chongqing-Kunming high-speed railway will be accelerated, and Tianfu International Airport will be put into use as soon as the first half of next year.