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Stefanie Sun, I really didn’t go to take the high-speed rail.

Recently, some netizens broke the news on social platforms that they suspected that they saw Stefanie Sun on the high-speed rail and took photos as evidence. In the photo, a woman wearing black clothes and a mask, her eyes closed, looks a bit like Stefanie Sun at first glance.


30 Key Projects Concentrated to Sign Contracts 31 Key Projects Concentrate to Start Construction|Changzhou High-speed Rail New City Construction Start

Meeting Point News On September 26, 30 key projects including Changzhou High-speed Rail New City Guangfa Bank Changzhou Branch, CPIC P&C Changzhou Headquarters, Internet Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Investment Fund and Wanbang Transportation Intelligent Energy Demonstration Project were signed. 31 key projects including Longfor International Financial Plaza and Chuangzhi Building have started in a concentrated manner, marking that Changzhou High-speed Rail New City has officially entered the stage of vigorous development and construction from the blueprint drawing stage.


He fell asleep on the high-speed rail and sat next door to the local drama star Chen Zhiqiang! Netizens all said:super lucky

The local drama actor Chen Zhiqiang used to play the big villain in”The Sound of Cannonballs”. His superb acting skills have made many drama fascinated. Outside of the show, he often shares his life through social networking sites. But when he encountered the embarrassment of a stranger sleeping on his shoulder, he asked with an embarrassed smile,”Are we two lovers?


Once a war breaks out, the United States can assemble a million troops within a week. How long will it take for China?

The United States spends the most money on the military every year. Therefore, the United States has always been ranked first in the world for its military development and military strength, and the United States has made many attempts in different development directions, although it has not been successful. , But many of them are paving the way for future development.


Beijing-Zhangjiakou High-speed Railway Prince City Station Hub Renovation

Taizicheng High-speed Railway Station Passenger Transport Hub is a transportation infrastructure project for the Beijing Winter Olympics. It is located in the Taizicheng area of ​​Chongli District, Zhangjiakou. During the game, it meets the security check and transfer requirements from the high-speed rail station to the competition venues, and undertakes the transfer needs of various modes of transportation after the game, taking into account the functions of commerce and parking.