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Gansu “Echelon Cultivation” High-tech Enterprise Cooperating to Promote “Precise Overweight”

China News Service, Lanzhou, September 9th (Reporter Wei Jianjun) The Gansu Provincial Science and Technology Department disclosed on the 9th that the department will work with relevant departments to further improve the “echelon cultivation” system for high-tech enterprises, actively build a collaborative promotion mechanism, and optimize the identification management process. Implement the rewards and subsidies policy, implement precise services, actively build the advantages of enterprise innovation groups, and cultivate high-tech enterprises to become the main force in promoting the transformation and upgrading of the province’s industry and high-quality economic development.


The “black hole” of the original controller’s funds harms listed companies, and Hangzhou Hi-tech has a long road to repay debts

Every reporter:Ye Xiaodan Every editor:Zhang Haini Picture source:Photograph.com On the evening of November 18th, Hangzhou High-tech (300478, SZ) announced that the basic bank accounts and some bank accounts of listed companies have been judicially frozen, and the basic accounts are Zhejiang Property The case of Zhongda United Financial Services Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Wutan Zhongda United Financial) and the company’s private lending dispute was caused by the application to the People’s Court of Shangcheng District, Hangzhou City for enforcement


good news! Pingdingshan High-tech Zone has added a new national business card, only 1 in the province

A total of 11 units across the country have been approved this time, and only one in our province. The high-tech zone will add a national business card. It is understood that the construction of the national high-tech industrialization base is one of the key construction contents of the”National Technology Innovation Guidance Project”. It aims to rely on the industrialization base to promote the coordinated development of talents, bases, and projects, and promote knowledge, technology, talents, funds, and policies Accelerate the industrialization of high-tech achievements, accelerate the development of high-tech industries with local advantages and characteristics, and enhance the core competitiveness of the regional economy.


The market value of Changchun High-tech in 5 days has evaporated by 20 billion! Today, it appeared in the top ten active stocks of Shenzhen Stock Connect, which is still the institution’s favorite white horse stock?

On September 18, Changchun Hi-tech’s share price regained adjustments, once fell more than 4%, and finally closed at 361.9 yuan per share, a slight drop of 0.3%. On September 13, the closing price of Changchun Hi-tech’s stock price was 412.91 yuan per share, which means that the company’s market value has lost approximately 20 billion yuan in the past five trading days.


Hundreds of billions of big bull stocks limit down! Changchun Hi-tech’s reply came:it has never released its performance outlook for the next few years, and has not received any notice of shareholders’ intention to reduce shares

Today, due to two bad news, the 100 billion market capitalization white horse stock Changchun Hi-tech dropped its limit in the afternoon and closed at 371.62 yuan per share. The two major bad news came from the market circulated minutes of a meeting conducted by Soochow Securities to investigate Changchun High-tech subsidiary Jinsai Pharmaceutical on September 12:First, the company’s growth hormone business segment next year’s net sales growth target is lowered from 35%To 25%;