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Foreign media: How does the heat wave affect people’s health when the hot weather hits?

   China News Service, August 2 According to a report from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), it is currently in the northern hemisphere’s high-temperature summer season, and special attention should be paid to heatstroke prevention and sun protection. So, how does hot weather affect people’s bodies? What knowledge and information do people need to know in order to cope with wave after wave of heat waves?


North America encounters high temperature purgatory: Canada’s highest temperature approaches 50 ℃, death toll soars

   China News Service, July 1st. According to a comprehensive report, Western Canada and the Northwestern United States have recently encountered purgatory-style high-temperature disasters due to the rare “high-temperature dome” phenomenon. British Columbia, Canada, broke the national highest temperature record for three consecutive days in a week, and at least 486 deaths were reported within five days. Experts predict that with the global warming, extreme high temperatures may become more frequent in the future, and the duration will be longer.