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The first large-scale rainstorm after extreme high temperature is coming! These places need to be alert to disasters caused by heavy rainfall

China weather.com recently, southern China has experienced the strongest high-temperature weather process this year, and the temperatures in many places have frequently set new records. Local partners are eager for a soaking rain to douse the high temperature. Now the rain is finally arranged! It is expected that from the night of today (July 18) to the 20th, there will be a heavy rainfall process from west to East in the areas from Sichuan basin to Huang Huai and Jiang Huai in China, and there will be heavy rainstorms in some areas of 8 provinces and cities such as Sichuan and Henan. This round of heavy rainfall can effectively alleviate the high temperature and drought, but it may also cause mountain torrents, landslides, debris flows and other disasters. It reminds the public to pay close attention to the forecast and early warning information, stay away from areas with high meteorological disaster risk, and pay attention to safety.


There are many confirmed heat stroke diseases, and the mortality rate is very high! How to prevent?

The body temperature continues to rise or even exceed 40 ℃, the heart rate accelerates, muscle spasms or weakness… In hot weather, these symptoms may be the manifestations of heat stroke. Recently, there has been continuous high temperature in many parts of the country, and many people have been diagnosed with heat stroke in Zhejiang, Chongqing and other places. What is heat stroke? How to prevent? The National Health Commission and relevant experts interpreted this.


Hot weather in Spain killed 84 people in 3 days

On July 15, 2022 local time, according to the preliminary statistical data released by the Carlos III Institute of Spain, a total of 84 people died from the high temperature weather in Spain in the first three days of the current round of high temperature weather, from July 8 to 10.