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Diamond magnetic sensor can work stably at high temperature

Source:Science and Technology Daily News The research team composed of Japan Institute of Material and Materials Research, Japan International Nanostructure Research Center, and Tohoku University in Japan successfully developed a high-sensitivity magnet that can work stably with low power consumption even at a high temperature of 500℃ using diamond The sensor, and it is theoretically clear that diamond can be driven stably at high temperatures, which can overcome the shortcomings of existing high-temperature magnetic sensors.


Extremely hot weather in most parts of the western United States

According to data from the US Meteorological Department, this high temperature weather covers a very wide area, starting from the states on the Pacific coast, extending from west to east, until the front line from Montana to New Mexico. For this reason, many states issued extreme high temperature warnings, and residents are advised to pay attention to health , And reminded that high temperature may cause wildfire disasters.


The North Pole can’t hold it anymore

On June 20, the Siberian town of Verkhoyansk in Russia in the Arctic Circle measured a high temperature of 38 degrees Celsius, breaking the record for the highest temperature ever recorded in the Arctic Circle.


France:the heat wave continues

On August 9, a man cools off in a fountain in the northern French city of Lille. Various parts of France have been swept by heat waves recently, and several provinces including Paris have issued high-temperature red warnings. The French Meteorological Agency expects the high-temperature weather to continue at least until the middle of next week. Xinhua News Agency (Photo by Sebastian Courgi) On August 9, people lined up to buy iced drinks in the northern French city of Lille.