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Holiday notice

I haven’t had a long holiday for a long time. No, the holiday notice is coming. Notice on the arrangement of some holidays in 2022 the Mid Autumn Festival this year will be closed for three days from September 10 to 12.


Nanjing: popular holiday of “micro tourism” at home

Go out for a walk and have a leisurely holiday. Wave photography

Children take photos here. Wave photography

The ecology of the Yangtze River is getting better and better. Wave photography

Line up and take pictures. Wave photography

Shoreline theme cultural wall. Wave photography

Citizens approach the “micro tourism” along the Yangtze River. Wave photography


The May Day holiday in 2022 is coming! A total of 5 days off

According to the Chinese government website, the May Day holiday in 2022 is scheduled to be a five-day holiday from April 30 to May 4. In addition, remind the general public to continue to do a good job in personal protection, do not go out of Beijing unnecessarily in the near future, do not go to medium and high-risk areas, reduce unnecessary dinner parties, and adhere to normal prevention and control measures such as wearing masks and washing hands frequently.