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Shanghai Shenhua and Shanghai seaport have decided to replace Dalian as the home court

Reporter Jia Yanfeng reported that the opening of the Chinese Super League is imminent, and the home and”replacement” home of each team have been finalized one after another. According to the latest news, Shanghai Shenhua and Shanghai Haigang have stayed in the Dalian division. When the Shanghai government clearly replied that it was unable to open the Shanghai home to Shenhua and Haigang, both teams were actively looking for a replacement home. Shanghai Shenhua successively held talks in Suzhou, Kunshan and Yancheng, but was declined.


Can Guoan return to the home court?

According to the latest news, seven competition areas including Taishan in Shandong have passed the inspection, and other competition areas are also actively applying. However, at present, there is still a long way to go before returning to the home court. Beijing and Shanghai have not been inspected yet, and they have not even reached the stage of inspection.


On the decisive night of the top four of the Champions League, the La Liga team has occupied two seats. Who owns the remaining two seats?

The Milky way home court against Chelsea in the early morning of April 13th Beijing time was defeated by the blue army. Fortunately, the master of the flute was in danger. In eightieth minutes, he sent out the offensive attack with his 37 year old instep, and Rodrigo scored the total score by the volley. This war entered overtime, and the God of heaven broke the door to help the Galactic warship enter the fourth strong position.


The epidemic has heated up the tide of people’s home fitness, and “active health” has gradually become a consensus

Beijing, Jinan, April 9 (reporter Zhao Xiao) – spread yoga mats, stretch limbs and stretch the body. Song Fang, a white-collar worker in Jinan, starts his weekend life at home with a set of yoga moves. Recently, in order to reduce the risk of COVID-19’s transmission, the Ji’nan gymnasium was temporarily closed, and at least three gyms per week, she gradually became accustomed to exercising at home.