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Watching the tide in Victoria Harbour, taking advantage of the trend, Hong Kong sets sail again

For three days starting from August 23, a publicity group composed of the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the State Council, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the People’s Bank of China and other departments held a series of publicity activities in Hong Kong around the “Outline” of the “14th Five-Year Plan” , In-depth exchanges with all walks of life in Hong Kong to discuss the country’s development plans and Hong Kong’s new opportunities. The Hong Kong-related content in the “Outline” of the “14th Five-Year Plan” is focused on essentials and rich in information. The members of the propaganda team talked about ideas, measures and visions, and explained the development strategies of the “14th Five-Year Plan” to Hong Kong. The historic opportunity here has helped all walks of life in Hong Kong more accurately grasp the relevant spirit, so that the policy dividend can be implemented as soon as possible, and it can be quickly transformed into a strong driving force for the better development of Hong Kong society.


Say goodbye to the precious moon of the universe, the comments from netizens will bring you the Hong Kong space enthusiasm.

   “Universal Sky Mission” visits Hong Kong, Hong Kong students “chasing stars”, rare moon and soil debut, space artifacts to watch… In the past 20 days, Hong Kong can be described as “star-studded”. Although the Centennial Chinese Scientists Theme Exhibition and Lunar Soil Exhibition of “The Spirit of the Times Brought to the Fragrant River” was closed on July 9, the heart is still surging on the banks of the Fragrant River. In particular, the first batch of lunar scientific research samples for the Chang’e-5 mission was recently released, which once again ignited the enthusiasm for spaceflight.


Hua Chunying: The US cancels or threatens to cancel the so-called “special status” and cannot stop Hong Kong’s prosperity and development

   China News Service, Beijing, April 1 (Reporter Liang Xiaohui) Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying pointed out at a regular press conference on the 1st that the US canceling or threatening to cancel the so-called “special status” will not stop Hong Kong’s prosperity and development. Hong Kong’s development achievements today have never been a gift or charity from any foreign country.


Hua Chunying: “Patriot governance” is a common practice in all countries, and attempts to interfere in Hong Kong affairs and exert pressure on China will fail

China News Service, Beijing, March 31 (Reporter Zhang Su) Hua Chunying, spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, pointed out at a regular press conference on the 31st that “Patriot Governance” is a common practice in various countries and attempts to intervene in Hong Kong affairs and treat China. The pressure will fail.