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It’s about Meng Wanzhou, Huawei finally chose to shoot

Regarding the Meng Wanzhou case, it has been nearly two years so far, but the Meng Wanzhou case has not yet come to an end, and Canada has not yet agreed to release Ms. Meng Wanzhou. But at present, new progress has been made in the Meng Wanzhou case, and the Canadian judge rejected the prosecution’s application.


Huawei (Dalian) Industrial Internet Innovation Center Unveiled

Yesterday, the”2020 Huawei Cloud Industrial Internet Summit Forum and Huawei Industrial Internet Innovation Center Launch Ceremony” was held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Ganjingzi District Sports Center. The Huawei Industrial Internet Innovation Center will be based in Dalian, serving Liaoning, and radiating to the Northeast. It will build the headquarters of Huawei Industrial Internet in three provinces and one district in Northeast China.


Huawei (Dalian) Industrial Internet Innovation Center launched

e company news, on November 21, the Huawei (Dalian) Industrial Internet Innovation Center was officially inaugurated in Dalian, marking the online operation of the Huawei cloud platform. Huawei (Dalian) Industrial Internet Innovation Center brings together Huawei’s technologies, capabilities, and resources in cloud computing, big data, 5G, artificial intelligence, and blockchain, and has three major functions:enterprise empowerment, talent training, and ecological building.


Huawei and China New Industry Alliance come to Zhangzhou for this high-profile conference

Huawei, China New Industry Alliance, Shenzhen Virtual University Science and Technology Achievement Transfer Promotion Association… These digital economy”big brothers” gathered in China Merchants·Core Cloud Valley. Why? On November 20th, the Huawei Industry Docking Conference and Industry-Education Integration Helping Zhangzhou Digital Economy Development Conference was held in Zhangzhou Development Zone Investment Promotion Bureau·Xinyun Valley. The theme of the conference was”connection, sharing, innovation”.


Huawei Chief Technology Officer:If the 5G market maintains an annual growth rate of 25%, the cost will be lower than 4G

The 2020 CNBC Global Technology Conference opened in Nansha, Guangzhou on the 17th. Paul Scanlan, Chief Technology Officer of Huawei’s Carrier Business, delivered an online keynote speech that the supply chain issues brought about by the new crown epidemic this year have affected the development layout of the global 5G industry. Paul Scanlan, Chief Technology Officer of Huawei Carrier Business, delivered a keynote speech online.


The legal representative of Glory brand affiliates was changed to Wan Biao, and the registered capital increased by 2973%

According to the Qicha APP, on November 17, the legal representative of Shenzhen Zhixin New Information Technology Co., Ltd. changed from Rao Junxiang to Huawei’s consumer business chief operating officer Wan Biao. In addition, the company’s registered capital increased from 100 million yuan. To approximately RMB 3.073 billion, an increase of approximately 2973%.


Huawei sells glory; the exchange rate of RMB to US dollar rises to 6.5 times丨Commercial reference

NEWS today’s news about Huawei’s sale of glory:more than 30 agents took over and rescued themselves; Shanghai Clearing House:has completed the”20 Yongmei SCP003″ agency interest payment; many of YTO’s”inner ghosts” rented employee accounts for compensation, and 400,000 personal information of citizens was Leaked; the RMB exchange rate against the US dollar rose to 6.