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Why can’t human beings go back to the source?

Even the current mainstream theory of the origin of the universe only says that 13.82 billion years ago, the”singularity” exploded and there was a universe of time and space. As for what was before the”singularity”, human beings cannot describe and make no sense.


Scientists predict that humans will disappear before 2779? Maybe form another civilization

Human civilization is the only civilization known so far. In the huge universe, how can we not find traces of other civilizations? If it is within the scope of the earth, human technology does not seem to be backward, but if it is expanded to the entire The universe, it may be insignificant. It is under such technology that we continue to explore the universe and constantly understand the environment in which we live, so that we can achieve long-term survival. But looking at the overall situation, no life can survive for a long time. , There will always be a day when it disappears.


Mankind is currently facing two bottleneck periods, any one breakthrough, mankind may enter advanced civilization

200 years have made tremendous progress in human civilization and technology. With the help of science and technology, human civilization is changing every day, especially the development of nearly one hundred years, and it is almost incredible. The emergence has made people’s living standards higher and higher, and at the same time humans have stepped out of the earth and started exploring the universe.


The six discoveries that subvert the cognition of human civilization, is the soul a superstring wave in the universe?

1 The earth is not the center of the universe. The earth is not the center of the solar system, the solar system is not the center of the galaxy, nor is the galaxy the center of the universe. Let’s calculate it. Assuming that one E. coli splits once every 20 minutes, 3 times an hour, and 24 times 3=72 times a day and night 24 hours, it can generate 4,722,366 trillion trillion, which is a very huge number.