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Sorrow makes white hair grow old, and laughter makes the world of mortals grow old

Sorrow urges white hair and grey face to grow old. Laugh at the long years of the world of mortals. Don’t sigh that youth has gone with the water, and why doesn’t it matter if the green silk is dyed with snow. Laugh at how many things in the world of mortals, worry about adding a little frost to white hair, and green silk is already a beautiful dream.


The fossils of Zhejiang and Yunnan in China have made contributions! Scientists’ first evidence:human middle ear evolved from fish gills

However, from a scientific point of view, at present, it is more recognized that the only existing species of human genus is Homo sapiens, that is, whether you are Han, ethnic minorities, yellow skinned Chinese, brown skinned, white skinned, black skinned races with other skin colors, everyone’s ancestors are Homo sapiens, and the anatomical structure of modern people, that is, late Homo sapiens, has appeared in this world about 40000 or 50000 years ago.


Why can’t mankind achieve immortality? Scientists give explanations

The earth is a beautiful planet. There are many creatures living on the earth, including marine creatures, terrestrial creatures, amphibians and microorganisms. Among many creatures, human beings are the only intelligent life. Modern science believes that human beings were born more than 2 million years ago. Ape creatures lived on the earth more than 2 million years ago. At that time, there were many other fierce creatures living on the earth. In order to develop for a long time, So they chose to live in groups. Group life can not only effectively resist foreign invaders, but also promote the opportunities of mutual communication. According to the research, scientists have concluded that frequent communication can make the brain develop faster. Because apes communicate together for a long time, their brains become smarter and smarter, and finally successfully evolve into humans.


Four recent disasters

As we all know, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine in the international community has opened a large-scale multi-national secret contest:among them, the EU, the United States, Russia and Ukraine are just battlefields.