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United Nations: half of Afghanistan’s population faces record famine and is in urgent need of humanitarian assistance

Xinhua news agency, October 26, according to the United Nations website reported on 25, the United Nations released a new assessment shows that drought, conflict, COVID-19 and the economic crisis brought about by the combined impact, so that more than half of Afghanistan’s population is facing record severe hunger. Relevant institutions called on the international community to make concerted efforts and take prompt action to solve this serious crisis.


The United Nations rarely issues warnings. This time no one can stay out of the matter. Countries must be vigilant.

According to a Reuters report, UN officials said:There may be a humanitarian crisis next year! Facing this wake-up call sounded by UN personnel personally, all countries were shocked. You know, this year, due to the epidemic, it has already made people’s lives in various countries very difficult. Now the United Nations has rarely issued a warning that next year may be a more challenging year. This news left many countries at a loss.


The White House really did not expect that it was not Russia’s compromise but a decisive retreat that the US diplomats were on fire

Once within a certain group, the interests of the United States are violated by a small amount, and the absolute dominant advantage is lost. The United States will immediately threaten with the strategy of”withdrawing from the group.” For example, the United States withdrew from the”Nakashima Treaty”,”Iran Nuclear Agreement”,”Paris Climate Agreement” and so on are all similar moves.