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[CCTV Quick Review] Let the truth of Marxism continue to shine on the road ahead

   On May 27, General Secretary Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory letter to the World Marxist Party Theory Seminar. In his congratulatory letter, the general secretary highly summarized the important significance of Marxism to the development of human society, clearly expounded the opportunities of the times ushered in the development of Marxism, and profoundly pointed out the guiding role of Marxism in the development of our party and the country.


How terrible are people who see through humanity? Behind the scenes, suppress subordinates, establish prestige, and control people

A word of truth is passed on, and Wanjuan sutra is passed on false. In many cases, a person’s enlightenment does not lie in how many great principles he has listened to, but after a word or two of truth, he immediately lifts the clouds and sees the sky. Do you think we have heard few truths in this life? Absolutely a lot, but why do so many people still live in pain and are always hurt by others?


How high is the god-level civilization in the universe? Scientists:humans simply cannot imagine

In 1964, Russian astrophysicist Kardashev divided the cosmic civilization into three levels:1. Master the planetary resources (10 ~ 10 watts of energy) used for communication; 2. Master the planetary resources (10 watts) ) A stellar civilization for communication; 3. A galaxy civilization that can master the entire galaxy resources (10) for communication The current level of civilization on the earth is about 0.