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The sixth mass extinction is coming quietly! Scientist:Humanity has not much time left

According to reports, the “Convention on Biological Diversity” recently released the “Global Biodiversity Outlook” report, stating that only 7 of the 60 targets set in the “Aichi Biodiversity Targets” in 2010 were successfully completed, which means that scientists before The sixth mass extinction we predicted is taking place. In order to avoid putting mankind into trouble in the future, mankind has only a few years left to prevent this disaster from happening.


What if humanity discovers a civilization that is more backward than itself?

What if human beings discover civilizations that are more backward than themselves in the solar system? First of all, according to the current known situation of human beings, there can be no more advanced creatures in the solar system than human civilization, because of the major planets or their satellites in the solar system. There is no long enough livable period, and it is theoretically unlikely to produce complex life.