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“There is an urgent need for Chinese vaccines, no more!”

After Serbian President Vucic stated that he would not reject the Chinese-Russian vaccine because of Brussels’ opinions, the Hungarian government also stated that it would study the feasibility of vaccination against the Chinese new crown without waiting for the EU’s review.


In order to get the Chinese vaccine, Hungary has to use unconventional methods

“The safety of the vaccine is not a political or ideological issue, but a professional issue.” According to a Reuters report on the 11th, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Sialto said on the same day that Hungary would seek urgent domestic approval of the Chinese new crown vaccine, not Waiting for review by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) as usual.


European preliminaries:Soboszlóy lore, Hungary 2-1 Iceland advance to the European Cup

Tiger Fight November 13th, Beijing time at 3:45 on November 13th, the European preliminaries play-off, Hungary against Iceland. In the end, Hungary defeated Iceland 2-1 and successfully qualified for the European Cup. In the 11th minute, Iceland got a free kick in the front court. Sigurzsson took a direct free kick. Hungarian goalkeeper Gulasic made a mistake and the ball flew into the goal! 0-1!


Foreign media:In spite of EU warnings, Hungary insists on buying Russian new crown vaccine

Russian Satellite News Agency reported on November 6, Reuters quoted Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Cialto as saying that Hungary plans to purchase a small amount of Russian new crown vaccine in December this year. Sialto said:”Russia will start small batches of vaccines from December to complete clinical trials and test vaccines here, and complete the licensing procedures.