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Foreign media:In spite of EU warnings, Hungary insists on buying Russian new crown vaccine

Russian Satellite News Agency reported on November 6, Reuters quoted Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Cialto as saying that Hungary plans to purchase a small amount of Russian new crown vaccine in December this year. Sialto said:”Russia will start small batches of vaccines from December to complete clinical trials and test vaccines here, and complete the licensing procedures.


Hungary confirmed 4219 cases of new coronary pneumonia, a total of 90,988 confirmed cases

On November 4, local time, the official Hungarian new crown epidemic information website reported that Hungary had 4,219 new confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia and 90 new deaths in the past 24 hours. The new diagnoses and new deaths set a single-day record for two consecutive days. The number of active infections in Hungary continues to increase. There are 67,693 cases, 4,871 people are hospitalized, and 355 people use ventilators.


Hungarian national leaders attended the national celebration ceremony and the mayor of Budapest delivered a National Day speech

Search and download the Huayu APP, follow the overseas Chinese and Chinese people around the world, browse the news and information of various countries in the world, without translation-Huayu is in”hands”, and the world is in your hands! According to the Hungarian New Herald, August 20 is the founding day of Hungary , Also known as St. Stephen’s Day, is the legal national holiday.