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The wife of South Korean presidential candidate Yin Xiyue apologized to the people for misrepresenting her resume

Beijing, Dec. 26 (Xinhua) according to South Korean media reports, Jin Jianxi, wife of Yin Xiyue, the largest opposition National Power presidential candidate in South Korea, and representative of covana, a cultural and creative enterprise, held a press conference at the national power party headquarters in Yoido, Seoul, on the afternoon of the 26th to apologize to the people for his false resume.


46-year-old Lin Chiling shoots a magazine with her Japanese husband! Fragrant shoulders, half exposed, slender arms, long legs over four steps

Click on the right to follow the group portrait of the meeting! The most complete and latest entertainment gossip is shared with you every day! Recently, a group of magazine photos taken by Lin Chiling and her husband AKIRA were published on the website. In the photos, Lin Chiling and her husband took photos in the same frame, which is full of tacit understanding. Lin Chiling was wearing a short silk skirt with a sling, her coat was casually opened, her shoulders half exposed, her wrists and arms were slender and weak. Posing a sultry pose next to her husband, with a bumpy figure and a good figure.