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Ibrahimovic issued a clarification:There is no racial discrimination in Zlatan’s world, we are all equal

Live broadcast, January 27, Ibrahimovic issued a clarification:There is no racial discrimination in the world of Zlatan, and we are all equal. Ibrahimovic wrote on his personal social media:”There is no racial discrimination in the world of Zlatan, we are all the same race, we are equal.” In the Italian Cup where AC Milan lost 1-2 to Inter Milan , Ibrahimovic ate ​​a yellow card in the second half and was sent off.


DiMazio:Ibrahimovic injured soleus in his left leg and will be out for at least 10 days

Live it, December 19 News DiMazio news, Ibrahimovic felt leg muscle discomfort during the team training. In subsequent inspections, the results showed that the soleus muscle of Ibrahimovic’s left leg was injured, and the follow-up inspection process would take at least 10 days. If calculated in 10 days, Ibrahimovic will not be able to catch up with the next game against Sassuolo and Lazio.


8 games and 10 goals! The 39-year-old Ibrahimovic is the oldest player in Serie A history to score double figures in the first 8 rounds

Live it on November 23. Ibrahimovic scored twice in the match against Naples. According to statistics, Ibrahimovic is the oldest player in Serie A history to score double in the first 8 rounds. Ibrahimovic scored a header in the first half of the game to help Milan take the lead, and soon after the start of the second half again scored a header, helping Milan to extend the score to 2-0 once, which is also his first Serie A this season. 10 goals.


Ibrahimovic said he has been in love with Miha for a long time, Miha:Serie A defenders are afraid of him

In an interaction, Ibrahimovic revealed how he and Miha became good friends, and Mikha said Ibrahimovic made Serie A defenders scared. Ibrahimovic said:”I didn’t fall in love with Miha at first sight, but when Inter met him again, we fell in love almost from the first day.””I always say that if one day we are going to war, Miha is sure In the first row, I followed him in the second row.” Miha praised Ibrahimovic:”Ibrahimovic faces a Serie A defender, just like I play with a 5-year-old kid. The defenders are afraid of Ibrahimovic.””Bologna plays In Milan, I told the defender that I must try my best to guard Ibrahimovic and restrict his movements, but we were still timid and let him score.”


Diaz:Ibrahimovic always pulls me to practice together. I receive text messages from Zidane from time to time

Live Bar November 11 News Dias joined AC Milan on loan from Real Madrid this summer. Recently, he accepted an interview with”Movistar+”. In the interview, he mentioned his new adventure in Milan, and the focus was on himself. The relationship with Ibrahimovic has its own future. About Ibrahimovic”He is the same age as my father, but he can continue to play a role on the court.


Ibrahimovic:Who is stronger, Ronaldo and I? You (reporter) have the final say

Live broadcast on November 9th. In the seventh round of Serie A, AC Milan was 2-2 with a thrilling draw to Verona. Ibrahimovic lost points, but in the final stage header scored to complete the redemption, Ibrahimovic accepted an interview after the game. Reporter:Who is stronger between you and Ronaldo? Ibrahimovic:You have the final say. In this round, Ibrahimovic and Ronaldo scored a goal for the team. They ranked the top two scorers with 8 goals and 6 goals respectively.