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In the post Winter Olympics era, China’s ice and snow caravan continues to make efforts

Local citizens participate in the experience activities provided by the China ice and snow caravan organizing committee

China news service, Qiqihar, July 12 – the Bank of China · China ice and snow caravan 100 tour came to Qiqihar on the 12th to kick off the activities of Heilongjiang station and help promote China’s ice and snow sports in the post Winter Olympics era.


Wu Dajing will auction Jindun charity money to promote youth ice and snow sports

On March 29th, the “jingdun charity project” of the Beijing Olympic Games was officially launched, and the “jingdun charity fund” of the “jingdun charity project for young people’s development” for the Winter Olympic Games was officially donated to the Beijing Olympic Games, and the “jingdun charity project” was officially launched.


The Winter Olympics has driven the development of ice and snow sports, and the”ice and snow sports fever” is rising all over the country

CCTV news:with the deepening of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the”ice and snow sports fever” across the country is rising. In the south, where there is no snow all year round, the”ice and snow fever” also continues to heat up. People feel the passion and happiness brought by ice and snow sports through the indoor ski and skating playground.