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Liang Zhenhua on “Ideal Illuminates China”: 40 Stories and 40 Styles

   Chinanews, April 30th. On April 29th, the series of short drama “Ideal Illuminates China” held its media premiere in Beijing. Chief producer Wang Ke, producer Zhang Linxi, chief director Fu Dongyu, chief screenwriter Liang Zhenhua, directors Zhao Xiaoxi and Zhao Xiaoou of the topic “Fifty-fifth Letter”, screenwriter Hu Yating, producer Gao Jinxi, director of the topic “Tianhe” Jiao Yongliang, the producer of “Leilei’s Medal” Su Shiyu, director Liu Guotong, screenwriter Chu Zheng and other crew chief creators, as well as actor representatives Guo Xiaodong, Jiang Mengjie, Li Rui, and Liu Leilei attended and exchanged filming experience and creative insights.


Sun Li’s new drama “Ideal City” is finalized. Chief Producer: No Suspense, No Blood

   Chinanews, December 30th. Recently, the realistic workplace drama “Ideal City” directed by director Liu Jin and starring Sun Li, Zhao Youting, Yu Hewei and others has been successfully completed. How was this drama filmed? What innovations will there be? The chief producer Zhang Tingting and the chief producer Dai Ying of the platform Fang were interviewed by the media.


The five-year-old ideal has completed the”adult assessment” ahead of schedule

At that time, when Tesla’s market value soared to 100 billion, many people already said that they could not understand, let alone understand. If you have witnessed the market value myths that Tesla has created successively this year, you should know that when Li wanted to make the above remarks, he actually had a better understanding of the smart electric vehicle industry than 99%of the spectators present. See also farther.


Earnings 丨 Weilai was sung in the air, and electric vehicles generally fell. Why did the ideal car have a smaller decline?

Before the U.S. stock market on Friday, November 13, China’s new car-making power Ideal Auto released its unaudited financial report for the third quarter of 2020 as of September 30. This is the first quarterly performance of Ideal Auto since it went public in the United States. It has naturally attracted attention under the background that its stock price has repeatedly surpassed historical highs. Due to the overall positive earnings report, Ideal Auto rose by 30%before the market, and rose by 28.4%after the opening to a record high of US$40.81.


Deep Krypton | The”ideal” crawled out of the 18th hell

“Choosing the factory” is the self-deprecating employee of Ideal Auto. There was a joke inside the ideal car. In the Mid-Autumn Festival of 2018, employees went to the cafeteria to have dinner, and accidentally discovered that there were five-ren moon cakes. Some employees complained that”the company finally sent back moon cakes and did not send a good one.” The aunt of the canteen contractor was unhappy after hearing this,”Do you think it was bought by the ideal car? It was the catering company who saw that you didn’t have moon cakes and bought it for you out of pocket.”