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Every 15 minutes, there is a rape case, and covid-19 patients cannot escape. Why has India become a rape power?

As we all know, India has the highest rate of sexual assault in the world, which also gives India the reputation of”a cultural power of sexual assault”. According to incomplete statistics, in 2018, there were nearly 2000 rape cases in New Delhi alone. What’s more unexpected is that even covid-19 patients failed to escape and were still sexually assaulted. Rape cases occurred every 15 minutes. Why did India become like this?


How crazy Indians cheat:amazing crazy cheating methods

Recently, India forced girls to take off their underwear and go on a hot search because of the medical”college entrance examination” security check. These anti cheating measures are wonderful, and the cheating phenomenon reflected behind them is even more shocking. The head of the Indian Ministry of education once said in despair:”cheating seems to have become an epidemic in our education system!