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India’s presidential election kicked off and will usher in a second female president?

China news service, July 18 (guanna) – the 2022 Indian presidential election was held on July 18. Although the Indian president is an empty head of state, the importance of this election cannot be underestimated. It is widely believed that mormu, elected by the Indian ruling coalition, has a great victory rate. If she is successfully elected, India will usher in the second female president and the first president from tribal areas.


Modi issued the”rupee settlement order”, Biden failed to control Russia, and the great fire burned on the US dollar hegemony

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues, the Federal Reserve continues to raise interest rates, and the euro is parity with the dollar for the first time in 20 years. The Indian government has resolutely decided to promote de dollarization. According to Xinhuanet, the Central Bank of India has officially introduced the rupee settlement mechanism for international trade recently.


In the eyes of Russians, what is the difference between China and India? Indian netizens were silent after listening

With the continuous development of China’s economy, every move of China has become the focus of foreigners. India and China, which are also populous countries, smile on the surface, but in fact, within India, they have repeatedly made small moves, and even set off a wave of Anti China. Under this background, the outside world is very curious about how Russia, as a good brother of China, views India and China?


Sri Lanka was completely bankrupt. The president and the prime minister announced their resignation together. The United States and India wanted to take the opportunity to squeeze out Chinese enterprises

Since 2022, due to the outbreak of a series of adverse factors such as the continuous epidemic, the war in Ukraine, the supply chain crisis and the food crisis, most countries and regions in the world have fallen into economic recession. Sri Lanka, a small country in South Asia, is one of the countries in the worst situation, and it has officially declared bankruptcy at present.