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The Indian government refutes rumors that 5G spreads the new crown virus: 5G network testing has not yet begun

   China News Service, May 13 According to foreign media reports, recently, the remarks that “5G network testing has led to the second wave of COVID-19 in India” have been circulating on Indian social media. On May 10, local time, the Ministry of Telecommunications of India issued a document refuting this statement, saying that 5G technology has nothing to do with the new crown virus, and pointed out that India has not yet started 5G network testing.


How terrible is India’s underreporting and underreporting of new crown figures? The world will suffer

However, what is terrible is not the number one in the world. What is terrible is that this is just the”tip of the iceberg.” According to the Dean of the Brown University School of Public Health and an Indian professor, Jeha, speculates that the daily death toll in India may be close to 25,000, and Massachusetts in the United States. Nalan, a professor of Indian political science at the Polytechnic Institute, agrees with this view, and the University of Washington’s Health Indicators and Evaluation Research predicts based on the epidemic model that the death toll in India may reach 1 million by August.


The stretcher in the crematorium melted and a large number of floating corpses appeared in the Ganges River. How miserable will India be under the epidemic?

Since May, more and more corpses have appeared on the Ganges River, India’s mother river. A large number of corpses floated on the water and were soaked and bloated. Many corpses were washed to the shore by the waves. At this time, India was hot. , Densely packed flies lingered on the carcass soaked in water, and the relatively”fresh” carcass became a dish for stray dogs.


China’s aid to India’s anti-epidemic materials arrived! These 8 characters are printed on the material box…

   Chinanews, May 10, To help India in its fight against the new crown epidemic, the Red Cross Society of China, through the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, provided 1 million U.S. dollars in cash assistance to the Indian Red Cross. In addition, the first batch of anti-epidemic supplies to aid India have been delivered to the local area. The boxes containing the supplies are written with the words “Fate together, defeat the epidemic”.


G7 Foreign Ministers’ Meeting India delegation presents cases, the epidemic is difficult to control, and many neighboring countries are threatened

   China News Service, May 5th. According to a comprehensive report, although the total number of confirmed cases of the new crown in India has exceeded 20 million, the virus has not stopped, and it has been running wild in this country. According to data released by the Ministry of Health of India on the 5th, in the past 24 hours, India has added 382,315 new confirmed cases of new crowns, and the cumulative number of confirmed new crowns has exceeded 20.66 million; in addition, the country has 3780 new deaths, a record high, and the cumulative number of deaths has reached 226188 cases.