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India has been involved in a “tsunami-like” epidemic, and the indifferent United States is finally willing to take action

   China News Service, April 26. According to a comprehensive report, the number of new cases of new crowns in India continues to break records. Prime Minister Modi said that a new wave of “tsunami-like” epidemics has shaken the country. The country’s medical system is under tremendous pressure. The United States, which had previously been indifferent to India’s request for help, finally agreed to provide assistance to its allies. Western countries such as the United Kingdom and the European Union also expressed their intention to assist India in fighting the epidemic.


Coronavirus deaths surge in India, public cremation of remains is miserable

Chinanews, April 24th, a comprehensive report, on the 23rd local time, there were more than 330,000 new confirmed cases of new crown in India, which once again set a new high in the country’s daily increase in the number of confirmed cases; in addition, India also reported 2263 deaths on the same day Cases, also hit the highest value.


Relaxation of vigilance, lack of doctors and medicines… These reasons have caused the epidemic in India to take a turn for the worse!

China News Service, April 23. According to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), on the 22nd local time, the number of confirmed cases of new crown in India soared by more than 310,000 in one day. Since the outbreak, the number of confirmed cases in India and a single country in the world has been confirmed in a single day. The highest increase.


India destroys Chinese mobile phones in two steps?

On January 26, the “Times of India” published a document stating that 59 Chinese mobile phone applications will be permanently banned in June this year. This is the fifth time the Indian government has banned mobile apps with Chinese backgrounds since June 2020. It can be said that India is very busy looking back on 2020.


China has already said it, but India insists on making”wrong actions”, or following in Australia?

China is the most potential big market in the world. In recent years, many countries have developed economic and trade cooperation with China in many aspects. Especially during the epidemic, many countries have actively strengthened economic and trade ties with China. However, following Australia’s “wrong move” that caused the Sino-Australian trade to ossify, India also made a similar “wrong move”. This makes one wonder whether India will become the second Australia?