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India turned against Russia! Cancel the purchase of Mi-17, suspend local currency settlement, and aim the gun at China

Today is the 55th day of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Although the Russian army maintains an advantage on the battlefield, it has been subject to fierce economic sanctions from western countries, especially in the United States, Britain, France, Germany and other European countries, mainly in the fields of energy and military. However, India has maintained close cooperative relations with Russia before, but recently India has”turned its face” with Russia.


After the United States promised to stand in line with India in the border conflict between China and India, the Indian defense minister shouted to China:if provoked, it will hit hard

According to the news released by observer.com, the United States and India recently held”2 + 2″ talks between foreign ministers and defense ministers. U.S. Defense Secretary Austin said that India and the United States are committed to a free and open”India Pacific region”, but they are currently facing severe challenges. China and Russia”try to undermine the security of their neighbors and change the status quo by force”.