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After Clay was injured, Curry once told Clay:Follow us more, we need you

Tiger Fight, December 21. Recently, Warriors guard Stephen-accepted an interview with reporters about Klay Thompson’s injury. Curry revealed that after Thompson was injured, he told Thompson:”You can follow us as much as possible this season. We need you.””I know he is working hard to return. He has to make continuous efforts, dedication, and dedication to recover. Focus.


Serious car accident in Nevada killed 5 cyclists

China News Service, December 11th. According to the “Central News Agency” report, the Nevada state police said that on the 10th local time, a serious car accident occurred on Highway 95 in the southern part of Boulder, the state. A van hit a group of cyclists. , Resulting in the death of 5 cyclists and 3 injuries.


Zhou Qi injury update

Zhou Qi was injured on November 5, Beijing time, according to the official news of the Xinjiang Men’s Basketball Team, in the match between Xinjiang and Liaoning yesterday, the Xinjiang team’s core Zhou Qi, who left the field due to injury, was inspected and the injury was not serious. According to a reporter from the front, after Zhou Qi went to the hospital for an MRI examination, the injury was diagnosed as Achilles tendon strain, and no serious injury was found. It is temporarily impossible to determine when Zhou Qi will be absent from the game. He will decide when to return based on his physical recovery.


Armed clashes continue in Myanmar’s Rakhine State and Shan State, causing many civilian casualties

In the past few days, Burmese government forces continued to clashed with local ethnic and local armed forces in Rakhine and Shan states, causing many civilians to be injured. In the town of Kyaukmai, Shan State, the government and the Southern Shan Army continued to fight fiercely from October 3 to 5. One civilian was killed, many civilians were injured, and more than 700 people fled their homes, including more than 200. Children, local social aid organizations are currently providing necessary assistance to refugees.


A 5.1-magnitude earthquake in Golestan province in northern Iran has injured 34 people

According to Iranian media reports, at 2:4 am local time on the 7th, a magnitude 5.1 earthquake occurred in Ramyan, Golestan Province, northern Iran, with a focal depth of 9 kilometers. An assessment and rescue team has been dispatched to the scene. A spokesperson for the city’s emergency rescue center said that the earthquake has caused 35-40 residential buildings to be damaged or collapsed, and 34 people were injured. The number of injured may further increase.


Bomb attack in eastern Afghanistan kills at least 3 soldiers

According to the Russian Satellite News Agency, the bomb attack occurred in Gadez, the capital of Paktia Province. A spokesperson for the provincial security department said in a statement, “Unfortunately, three of our soldiers were killed in the attack, and another five were killed. People were injured. The situation is now under control and security forces are stationed in the area.”