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Australia’s iron ore, China will soon no longer need it

(President Jiang) “When 70 Australian cargo ships loaded with 1 billion US dollars worth of high-quality coal were unable to dock and unload in China, guess what? One billion Chinese are struggling in the severe cold. Some areas of China are experiencing severe temperatures this week. It has dropped to minus 40 degrees, which is the place where the power is cut off.


Evil is rewarded! Australia’s foreign trade suffered a fatal blow, Russian media:the price of being a pug

Recently, Western countries have just spent their annual Christmas. Australia is no exception. With the advent of Christmas, many Australian products can be sold internally. However, once Christmas is over, a large number of products will return to the predicament of”no market”. Australia must not forget that because of its own mentality of revenge, the price of iron ore has risen sharply, which has affected the international iron ore market.


Australia used iron ore to make a move, but it was cut by India. India will become China’s largest iron ore supplier

The ever-increasing conflicts between China and Australia have resulted in the continued obstruction of trade between China and Australia. Australia’s agricultural products and coal have been hindered by China’s imports. However, Australia not only did not realize whether there was a problem with itself, but also repeatedly slandered China and even declared that it would sue China to the WTO.


With a turnover of 26.3 billion, Australian iron ore won another”big order” from China! Has Australia’s appeal worked?

The China Import Expo is a great opportunity for China and foreign companies to sign cooperation agreements. According to media reports on the 11th, in the last two days of the CIIE, Australian iron ore companies and related Chinese steel companies signed more than ten understandings for the purchase of iron ore. Prior to this, the Australian ambassador to China personally went to the CIIE to help Australian companies sign agreements. After being frustrated with agricultural products and beverages and non-staple food, Australia’s iron ore won a large order at the CIIE. Get rid of dependence on Australian iron ore.


Latest news from China and Australia! Australia receives $4 billion in iron ore orders, and more cooperation

As the second largest economy in the world, China has taken the initiative to open its market to the world so that other economies can also fully enjoy the dividends of China’s economic growth. It is worth mentioning that Australia’s third-largest iron ore giant Fortescue Metals Group has successfully secured nearly US$4 billion in iron ore orders and signed 12 memoranda of understanding.