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Italy revised the school epidemic prevention regulations, and three people in the same class will be quarantined

Beijing, November 9, according to the Italy internet report, Italy Ministry of Education issued primary school and kindergartens 7 days to implement the new school epidemic prevention regulations, from November 8th, to maximize the protection of teaching under the line, at least three people in a class were diagnosed with COVID-19 infection, will be closed to the class and remote teaching.


Olympic athletes: living in isolation is not happy in isolation

   News from CCTV: At present, all the Olympic athletes of the Chinese sports delegation have returned to China and are quarantined in accordance with the epidemic prevention requirements. How did they spend their life in isolation? Today we continue to take selfie videos of athletes to see how they live happily.


Japanese media: Japan has taken more than 10 compulsory measures against those who refused entry into quarantine

China News Service, June 9th. According to Kyodo News, on the 8th, an interview with relevant people learned that the Japanese government, as a new crown border port measure, requires quarantine at designated facilities for immigrants from countries and regions where the variant virus strain is endemic. Some people have refused. Or try to escape, there have been at least 10 cases of the mandatory “stay” measures in the “Quarantine Law” adopted by local airport quarantine offices this year.


Strengthening mutant virus epidemic prevention, Japan will extend the quarantine period for immigrants from India and other countries

China News Service, May 26. According to a report by the Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK) on the 26th, the Japanese government has decided to quarantine people arriving from India and other countries in government-managed accommodation facilities in order to strengthen the prevention of the mutant new crown virus at border ports. Extend to 10 days.


Australia sent its first evacuation flight to India, more than 40 people were unable to board the flight due to coronavirus infection

   Chinanews, May 14 According to a report from Australia.com, on the afternoon of the 14th local time, the Qantas planes preparing to pick up the first batch of Australians stranded in India took off from Darwin International Airport. The plane will return to Darwin on the morning of the 15th, and the people on board will be sent to an isolation facility for isolation.


Hefei quickly launched an emergency plan and has taken 8 measures to strictly control the epidemic

China News Service, Hefei, May 14 (Reporter Wu Lan and Zhao Qiang) The reporter learned from the press conference on epidemic prevention and control held by the Hefei Epidemic Prevention and Control Emergency Headquarters on the morning of the 14th that the unified deployment command of the Anhui Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government Under the guidance of the Anhui Provincial Health Commission and other departments, Hefei City quickly launched an emergency plan, and went all out to do a good job in patient treatment, flow investigation, nucleic acid testing, isolation control and other emergency response work, and did its best to control the epidemic In the smallest area, we will try our best to stop the spread of the epidemic. As of 3 a.m. on May 14, 8 major measures have been taken to strictly control the epidemic.