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Philippines appointed three officials to coordinate national epidemic response

China News Agency, Manila, July 15th:Philippine President Spokesperson Harry Locke announced on the 15th that the Philippine new inter-agency working group for the management of infectious diseases newly appointed three officials on 14th to be responsible for coordinating the tracking, isolation and treatment of the new national crown epidemic.


Butler trained to dribble in hotel during isolation

Yahoo reporter Chris Haynes reported an interesting story in the hotel in the game park.”During the quarantine period, a security guard in the hotel where the Heat lived received a report of nuisance and said there was a lot of noise. The source told me that the security guard started investigating and found the room to knock on the door. It was Jimmy Butler who opened the door. He Sweaty when opening the door, wearing training equipment all over, he has been dribbling in his room.


Butler keeps stopping the ball in the hotel room

According to well-known reporter Chris Haynes, even in the hotel room in the segregated park, the heat star Jimmy Butler has not stopped training. Haynes said that during his isolation in Orlando last week, Butler had been dribbling the ball in the hotel room and was reported to disturb the public.