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Worship of Japanese war criminals and summer festivals have appeared one after another. Where are we”sick”?

In recent years, with the rapid development of our country, the cultural self-confidence and national pride of our people have become stronger and stronger. At this time, suddenly, the phenomenon that we didn’t care much before may have great hidden dangers, so there have been several”awakening” events, which we didn’t say before, and we will know something about what happened in the past two years.


This is the biggest crisis in Japan, at least three shocking

This is the biggest crisis in Japan, and the crisis is still worsening. Population has never been a small problem. Economic growth fluctuates, which is very important, but at least it will not immediately affect the national capital, but the population problem will undoubtedly affect Japan’s future.


Ignoring China’s warning, Kishida Xiuxian provoked public anger and erected”nine monuments” across Japan

Earlier, Shinzo Abe, the former Prime Minister of Japan, was unfortunately assassinated and killed. Since then, Japan’s domestic right-wing forces have risen in an attempt to expand their forces and prepare for war again, so that Japan can once again become a militarist country. At present, the Japanese parliament has made unprecedented changes in policy, hoping to amend the peace constitution. In fact, Japan’s right-wing forces have been able to amend the peace constitution, because the seats of right-wing parliamentarians have exceeded 2/3, However, this move has also aroused opposition from the Japanese people.


Abe once created a Japanese myth

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is not very good in the impression of many people. Previously, the longest serving Prime Minister of Japan was Keitaro, who worked for 2886 days.