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More and more Japanese people choose to come to China to work and live, and Japanese youths said bluntly:Life in China is meaningful

It is obvious to all that since the reform and opening up, my country’s economic development has been very rapid. Today, my country has become the second most prosperous country in the world. Japan in the old days has long lost its beauty and a large number of talents have been drained. More Japanese young people are more willing to choose to come to China to work, study and live.


The Chang’e-5 moon landing is about to dig, and the Japanese relay satellite successfully entered orbit, revealing the hidden strength behind it

my country launched the Chang’e-5 lunar probe on November 24. At 4:40 on November 30, the Chang’e-5 probe assembly was successfully separated, and a soft landing will be achieved in the storm ocean northwest of the moon. After landing, it will start to”dig earth” on the moon, and then bring 2 kg of samples back to earth. Judging from the actions of Chang’e-5, it is a miniature version of the unmanned”Apollo” project, because it contains the structure of the return capsule. This is the second space exploration activity that humans have brought home samples from the moon in 42 years. Just as the Chang’e 5 moon landing”digging” soon, Japan launched another rocket.


China resolutely defends its territorial sovereignty. Japan has repeatedly invaded the Diaoyu Islands. Wang Yi visits Japan and will hold talks on the sovereignty of the Diaoyu Islands.

China is resolute in safeguarding its national sovereignty. As long as it is Chinese territory, no country is allowed to invade China in any way. In recent years, China has also had many disputes with other countries regarding sovereign territory, the most important being The dispute between Japan and China over the Diaoyu Islands and the direction of Sino-Japanese relations have a bearing on whether the East Asian region can develop peacefully and stably.


What a coincidence? When China and Japan reached a consensus, the former and current prime ministers of Japan had accidents one after another

The signing of RCEP is a major event this year, and it represents a big step forward in the construction of the entire Asian free trade circle. It is worth mentioning that the United States has withdrawn from the CPTPP, which has an important decisive role in establishing standards for Asian trade. Now that RCEP has been successfully signed, the United States, as a marginal country of the two agreements, has almost lost its ability to control the Asian trade circle. This is also one of the most concerned points in the world.


Students use the rising sun flag as the Japanese national flag? University response:deep reflection

Recently, at a campus event at Nanjing Normal University, a Japanese military flag, the”Rising Sun Flag,” was hung on a booth that showcased Japanese culture. Related photos went online and caused a large number of netizens to pay attention. Accompanied by the”sun flag”. Today, the”Rising Sun Flag” is regarded as a symbol of Japanese militarism, just like a Nazi symbol, and is resisted by peace-loving people in the world.