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News! Russian media:explosion in a cemetery in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 4 injured

According to the Russian Satellite News Agency, a Greek government official said that several people were injured in the blast at a memorial ceremony held in a cemetery in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. (Sputnik:It is reported that there was an explosion in a cemetery in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. 4 people were injured.) The official said:”There was an explosion in the non-Muslim cemetery in Jeddah. Four people were slightly injured, one of them was Greek.


Grenade explosion in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia injured 2 people

A spokesperson for the Mecca Provincial Government of Saudi Arabia confirmed in a written statement on the afternoon of the 11th local time that two people were injured in the attack in Jeddah earlier that day. The statement showed that the injured were a staff member of the Greek consulate in Jeddah and a Saudi security officer. Both suffered minor injuries and have been sent to the hospital for treatment.


Two injured in attack on a Saudi cemetery

Xinhua News Agency, Riyadh, November 11. Two people were injured in an attack on a cemetery in the coastal city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia on the 11th. The Saudi Arabian News Agency quoted Mecca Province’s spokesperson Sultan Dussari as saying that the attack occurred on the morning of the same day when multinational diplomats in Saudi Arabia participated in the 102nd anniversary of the end of the First World War at a cemetery in Jeddah.


Saudi Arabia arrests a man who attacked the French consulate security with a sharp weapon

The Saudi Ministry of the Interior issued a notice on the 29th local time, stating that police in the western city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia had arrested a Saudi man earlier that day when he attacked the security guard of the French consulate in Jeddah with a sharp weapon, causing a The security guard was slightly injured. The notice stated that the injured had been sent to the hospital for treatment, and the police had begun investigating the cause of the incident.