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In the post-Brexit era, there are disputes between Britain and France in the fishing industry. Conflicts may be difficult to resolve in the context of elections

   China News Network, May 8th. According to the European Times, after Brexit, the situation between Britain and France has once again become tense over the question of whether French fishermen can enter British waters. On the 6th, dozens of French fishing boats gathered outside the port of St Helier, the capital of the British island of Jersey, to protest. After the French threatened to cut off Jersey’s electricity, the British sent two naval patrol ships to the waters. Responded with two patrol boats. After that, both took a step back, but the situation is still worrying.


CBA’s new CEO Zhang Xiong apologizes for the Oolong jersey incident, Xinhua News Agency hints that he has suffered on behalf of others

On November 13, the current CEO of CBA, Zhang Xiong, responded by accepting Xinhua News Agency’s interview in response to a single incident of CBA equipment violations that caused widespread controversy. Zhang Xiong responded positively to the Oolong event in the stand jersey during the quarter-finals, saying that in the case of the”jacket phalanx”, the league did breach the contract, and for this he has also apologized to the relevant league partners.