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See you in July and hello in August

In July of the second half of the year, it also came to an end in the chirping of cicadas and frogs. Along the way, suffering and frustration are common. July, although painful, but quite a sense of achievement.


July Firefly Text/That girl is called Xiaoyuer Tengu can’t swallow the moon. The night’s black robe can’t hide the light. A half-moon eye hangs in the night sky. July’s night interweaving insects. A crooked stream of white gently crosses the distant mountains. I am a streamer who has strayed into the countryside, carrying a lantern in my heart, and walking through the wild grass trails of frogs.

In July, the firefly text/that girl called Xiaoyu’er Tiangou could not swallow the moon. The night’s black robe could not hide the light. A half-moon’s eyes hung in the night sky. The night’s interweaving insects in July. The white of crooked streams gently crossed the distant mountains.