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If Kobe chooses to jump before the crash, what will happen? Experts give answers​

The survey is released after a year! Why didn’t Kobe jump before the crash? Experts give answers. In response to the helicopter accident that occurred on January 27 last year, the National Transportation Safety Board’s investigation results were released. The representative of NTSB said:At that time, the pilot of Alazobayan told the air traffic controller that my helicopter was in dense fog. Climb out quickly. However, in fact, the helicopter has begun to show a rapid decline before the crash.


The whole story of Kobe’s crash: it took a year to restore the truth of the tragedy

Screenshots of foreign media reports.

China News Service, February 10, according to foreign media reports, the US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) announced the Kobe Air crash investigation results on February 9 local time. The investigation indicated that the pilot Ara Zobayan was in the crash. I made a wrong decision to fly into the clouds. The NTSB criticized the decision and stated that the pilot violated relevant flight standards.


The first anniversary of Kobe’s death! The widow who inherited hundreds of millions of fortunes turned against her mother first, and then met a strange and scumbag man. It was too difficult…

Losing Kobe this year, Vanessa had to overcome difficulties in life alone. On August 23 last year, which was supposed to be Kobe’s 42nd birthday, Vanessa wrote another long post:”My heart is completely broken. For the sake of the children, I try to keep smiling every day, and they are stronger than me. I really hope. I can wake up from this nightmare, give the children a surprise, and greet you home.”