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Danny Green on former Lakers teammates:I still call them brothers

Live broadcast, January 28th. Today, the 76ers will play against the Lakers at home. Today, 76ers player Danny Green was interviewed. When talking about the teammates of his old club, the Lakers, Green said:”I still call them family members and I still call them brothers. Because we have achieved good results and After spending some time in the closed park, I still think our relationship will last forever.


Pope slightly sprained his left ankle, this game will not return

Live broadcast, January 2nd NBA regular season, the Lakers vs. Spurs. In the third quarter of the game, Pope twisted his left ankle during a layup. The Lakers quickly called a timeout to check his situation. After the timeout, Kuzma replaced Popper, and Popper will undergo an X-ray examination. The Lakers officially updated Pope’s injury as a slight sprain of his left ankle, and this game will not return.


The Lakers championship ring is revealed, which contains these elements to pay tribute to Kobe

On December 23, local time, the NBA’s new regular season opener kicked off, and the Lakers played against the Clippers at the Staples Center. Before the game, the Lakers held a championship ring award ceremony, and the highly anticipated championship ring finally appeared. It is understood that the designer called the championship ring an”Easter egg”, and there are many details worthy of attention.


To pay tribute to Kobe, the Lakers NBA championship ring details, with”Kobe this is for you” engraved under the logo

On December 23, Beijing time, the curtain of the 2020-21 NBA regular season kicked off. The Los Angeles Lakers and the Clippers in the same city will stage a”Los Angeles Derby” on the opening day. Screenshot of the Lakers Chinese website. Today, the Lakers Chinese website released the NBA championship ring on Weibo. The detail of the ring is the Kobe logo on the back of the ring, and the logo is engraved with”Kobe this is for you”.


Favor boss! Jenny Buss gives each Lakers player a bottle of custom tequila

Tiger Fight, December 19, according to Lakers team correspondent Ryan Ward, Lakers owner Jenny Buss gifted each Lakers player a bottle of custom tequila (see picture below). According to insiders, each bottle of wine is exquisitely engraved with the recipient’s name, jersey number and a”leave a legacy” label.


God rewards hard work! Pope renewed his contract with the Lakers for 40 million in three years. King Zhan congratulated him:great! Brother

News on November 22nd, today, according to the latest US media reports, the Lakers renewed their contract with guard Pope for three years and $40 million. Marks pointed out that the Lakers were forced to carry a hard salary cap of 138.6 million U.S. dollars due to the biannual special introduction of Matthews. Due to the hard salary cap, the maximum annual salary the Lakers gave Pope was $12 million. If the contract is successfully renewed Pope, the Lakers have 4 veteran base salaries left to reinforce the lineup.


Being traded 3 times a week, God knows what Ariza has gone through

Today, the free market started on time. The arms race between the teams has officially started. Waves of climaxes are constantly appearing. People are very addicted. The first climax is the spark. Beijing time. This morning, the spark announced on Twitter to stay behind the Lakers. But then Spark deleted the dynamic. One hour later, Master Huo was exposed to the signing of the 76ers. When everyone ridiculed Master Huo for”Zehu”, the famous Chris Haynes revealed the origins of the Oolong incident.