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Official announcement! bye! It’s over! The Lakers don’t have melon anymore

Since the opening of the free market, the Lakers have been very active, signing four players in a row. First, he signed a two-year contract to sign Mian Jones, then won Lonnie walker, the former Spurs player, with a one-year contract of 6.5 million, and finally won Troy brown and Toscano Anderson, who just won the championship in the warriors.


Summer League – Zhang Zhenlin appeared and scored 3 points, and the Suns defeated the Lakers

The Las Vegas Summer League continued today, with the Suns beating the Lakers 104-84. Chinese player Zhang Zhenlin scored 3 points in the last 2 minutes. Oliver Sal, Cameron Taylor, McKinley Wright and Ismail Wayne Wright came up and scored goals to take the lead. The Lakers’ rookie Christie made free throws in a row. Pippen made sudden free throws, and Cole swaid hit three points. The Lakers once surpassed the score.


The Lakers hired Milwaukee assistant Davin Hamm as the new coach on a four-year contract

ESPN reporter woj reported that a number of sources revealed that the Lakers have hired daven Hamm as the new coach with a four-year contract. Hamm will head coach for the first time. Hamm impressed the Lakers in many aspects, including his qualification to win the championship, his dignity and tenacity in coaching. Ham has played in the NBA for eight seasons and won the championship with the pistons in 2004.