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The space station construction mission of Wenchang space launch site implemented the “zero window” launch for the first time

Chinanews, Beijing, July 24 (Huang Guochang, Tu Haichao, he Ling) at 14:22 on July 24, the Long March 5 B yao-3 carrier rocket carrying the China Space Station’s sky inquiry experimental module lifted off smoothly at the Wenchang space launch site, the module successfully entered the scheduled orbit, and the launch mission was a complete success. It is reported that in this mission, the Wentian experimental module strictly implemented the “zero window” launch, which is also the first time the Wenchang launch site has implemented the “zero window” launch since the implementation of the space station construction mission.


The launch of “asking the sky” triggered a space tourism boom in Hainan

China News Agency, Wenchang, Hainan, July 24 (Fu Yuqun, Zhang Yuehe) – at 14:22 on the 24th, the Long March 5 B yao-3 carrier rocket carrying the sky inquiry experimental module was successfully ignited and launched at the Wenchang space launch site in China. It was midsummer, and the scorching sun did not stop the enthusiasm of the people all over the country. Early in the morning, they arrived at the scene with all kinds of equipment and waited for the rocket launch.