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Russian Foreign Minister: it will be difficult for Afghanistan to return to the international stage, but it can be achieved

Beijing, October 28 (Xinhua) according to a comprehensive report, on the 27th local time, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Afghanistan has returned to the international stage and is facing challenges such as drugs and terrorist organizations. However, he believes that this task can be achieved and calls on all parties to provide financial, economic and humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan.


Face-to-face confrontation between high-level US-Russian diplomacy: There is a lot of mess, and it is not easy to clean up

   China News Service, May 20 (Dong Hanyang) “It is not a secret that we have differences.” A sentence from the US Secretary of State Brinken set the tone for his face-to-face meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov in Iceland on the evening of the 19th. This meeting is the first face-to-face confrontation between high-level officials of the two countries since the Biden administration took office. At the moment when US-Russian relations are at their lowest point since the end of the Cold War, it has attracted much attention.


The foreign ministers of the United States and Russia face to face! What did Biden talk about at the first US-Russian high-level meeting after taking office?

China News Service, May 20, Comprehensive report, during the Ministerial Meeting of the Arctic Council, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and US Secretary of State Blinken held their first face-to-face meeting. This was the first US-Russian high-level meeting after US President Biden took power. talks. Both Brinken and Lavrov emphasized the differences between the two countries during their meeting, but said that the two sides should cooperate on some issues.