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Column — a vast castle in the air

The Chinese Super League is about to resume home and away, which is good news for fans. The same is true for the development of Chinese football. If the league with normal rules and rhythms cannot be held, the game system will lead to the decline of the overall level of football, and will also make professional football seriously disconnected from the necessary social environment. According to domestic media reports, not all clubs agreed to resume home and away games.


3:1 to 5:0! The champion of the Chinese Football League won the Chinese Super League, and continued to dominate the list for 6 rounds, ending with 7 consecutive kills

Next, let’s look at the performance of the remaining 14 teams. Among them, the most eye-catching is the promoted horse Wuhan Sanzhen, the first-class champion of last season. Since the start of the new season, the promoted horse has repeatedly performed amazing moves, which has brought us one surprise after another. Under the escort of five foreign aid escorted by stanqiu, the standard King, the team has been magnificent all the way. As of the ninth round of the league, Wuhan Sanzhen was unbeaten in nine games and scored an amazing 32 goals, Only 6 goals were lost, and Hao scored 25 points, averaging 2.8 points +3.6 goals per game. The three data dominated the list, which was more than Shandong Taishan, the defending champion of one more game, and locked in the first stage of the League ahead of schedule.


The football association will give another heavy blow! The Chinese Super League may have three 0-point teams at the same time, and the three demoted places will be locked in advance

This situation was impossible in the past, because the football association has strict entry qualifications for the Chinese Super League. If a club cannot submit the salary confirmation form of last season signed by all club players, coaches and staff before the deadline set by the Football Association, they will not be eligible to participate in the Chinese Super League in the new season.


Take stock of the six wonders of European football and win the championship! Leicester is only second

In the 2003/2004 season, the Champions League was reformed, and the previous second stage group match was cancelled and replaced by a two round knockout match. As the weakest top four in the Champions League over the years, Monaco and Porto finally entered the finals. In the finals, crazy Mourinho led his team to beat Monaco 3-0 to win the championship, which made the dark horse myth of the European black shop. You should know that the Portuguese Super League was only the 9th League in Europe at that time. The last time the Portuguese Super League team won the championship, it can be traced back to the 1986/1987 season. At that time, Porto was also the team that won the championship.


How many bonuses can klopp and Ancelotti bring to Liverpool and Real Madrid in the Champions League final?

At 3 a.m. Beijing time on May 29, the 2021/2022 Champions League final will be held at the French stadium in Saint Denis, France. The participating teams are Spanish giants Real Madrid and Premier League giants Liverpool. The Champions League trophy France stadium is a famous multi-purpose stadium in Europe, which can accommodate 80000 people. It was built for the world cup in France in 1998 at a cost of 260 million euros. In that year, France won the world cup at home.


UEFA announced the reform of the Champions League competition system, and 36 teams will participate in the promotion competition system from 2024

UEFA announced the approval of the Champions League expansion plan. The Champions League will implement the following forms from 2024/25 season. Two additional Champions League places will be awarded to the association with the best performance last season. Taking this season as an example, the Premier League and the Dutch league have won the highest European war coefficient points this season, and the ones who can get wild card places in the Champions League next season will be the Premier League and the Dutch league.