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Davis:I sent a message to James before the game to express his feelings, and I was worried about what he would say

Tiger Fighting January 18th Lakers forward Anthony Davis was interviewed after training today and talked about what it means to him to fight alongside childhood idol LeBron James.”When we were in the quarter-finals, he was accomplishing one achievement after another, breaking one record after another. I was joking with him and some people with us, and the next time he broke the record is to pass The most pairs of competition boots.


1 point more than 27+7+7! James scored 28 points, 7 rebounds and 7 assists

Tiger Fight, January 9th. Today’s NBA regular season Lakers home game against the Bulls has ended. After the whole game, the Lakers defeated the Bulls 117-115. In this game, the Lakers F-G LeBron James played 34 minutes, 11 of 21 shots, including 0 of 5 three-pointers, 6 of 8 free throws, 28 points, 7 rebounds and 7 assists. Excluding this game, LeBron James averaged 32 per game in the regular season.


Arenas:Brownie is a clone of James

In an interview, former NBA player Gilbert Arenas talked about Brownie, the son of Lakers forward LeBron James.”LeBron contacted me on Instagram and said,’My son has started training, can you go there to see his situation and tell me about him, because I am a little worried about him.’ I went to see and give Gave him some pointers.


O’Neal:If James has six crowns + historical scoring champion, he may surpass Jordan

The debate about the greatest basketball player in history may never settle. Shaquille O’Neal believes that if LeBron James wins more championships, it will likely impact Michael Jordan’s historical status. O’Neal said in a recent podcast show:”He has surpassed Kobe and Jordan in scoring, and now, once he wins the fifth championship, he will be closer to the position of the first man in history.


Davis is excited to announce:The Big Three are back

Lakers power forward Anthony Davis posted a photo of himself with LeBron James and Jared Dudley after winning the championship on social media. He wrote:”The Big Three are back! Davis and the Lakers have completed 5 years A $190 million contract renewal.


Fisher:James’ historical status will be higher and higher

Fisher said:”Anytime you win the championship, you succeed, you will improve your status, uplift people to look at you, admire your achievements.” He will definitely be in this very, very brief history of the best players list The position inside is getting higher and higher.


Mihalyuic:James is a machine

Lakers forward LeBron James’ former teammate and current Pistons guard Svyatoslav Mikhailuk talked about James in an interview. He still plays a very high level, this guy is a machine.