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In the second half of life, be a man of leisure

In the past, I yearned for when to return and be an idle man. Now, under the epidemic, it is not easy to be an idle man. We can neither enjoy the lonely smoke in the desert nor enjoy the misty rain in the south of the Yangtze River. We are trapped in one place and stay at home. Day and night are reversed, and all worries linger.


Marks:Beasley’s remaining season salary of about 290,000 will lose about 10,000 due to 5 games suspended

Live broadcast July 10th Today, the Nets officially announced the signing of Michael Beasley. According to team policy, Beasley’s contract details were not announced. However, according to salary expert Bobby Marks, Beasley’s salary for the remaining season is $289,803, and he will lose $9993 in salary because he was suspended for five games in violation of the league’s drug ban in April last year.