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Li Tie: it’s really not easy for players. It’s completely different whether they have home or not

Beijing, Nov. 17 (Xinhua) in the sixth round of the Asian top 12 in the world preliminary, the Chinese team drew 1-1 with Australia and retained the hope of qualifying in the group. The national football team’s post game press conference lasted more than half an hour, and coach Li Tie responded to a number of external concerns. He said that in the face of the current situation, the players have been gritting their teeth, and he is proud of the team.


In the 32 minute “overtime” press conference, Li Tie finally said everything he wanted to say

Beijing, Nov. 17 (Xinhua) in the sixth round of the Asian top 12 of the world preliminary round, which ended on the 17th Beijing time, the Chinese team drew 1-1 with Australia in the case of losing the ball first, retaining the hope of qualifying in the group. At present, China ranks fifth in the group with 6 wars and 5 points, six points short of the third ranked Australian team.


Top 40 Asia Topic 19:Why did Li Tie refuse to count points? Why did the national football claim to defeat the Syrian team?

The final match of the Asian Top 40 Group A, the battle between China and Syria will start at 2 a.m. on June 16. This is a game that attracts a lot of attention from the Chinese people. There are many analyses on this battle before the game. Today”Ge Ye Kan Da Shan” is about to dismantle the two biggest question marks about this game. The first question mark is:Why does the Chinese team always refuse to count points? My opinion is that Li Tie knows that Chinese fans are the most annoying.


Bring substitute players to look for game status, Li Tie prepares to rotate the national football lineup

Although the next opponent of the World Preliminary Asian Top 40, the Maldives team is relatively weak, considering that the Chinese team needs to complete the dual goals of winning and rotation in this campaign, coach Li Tie still faces certain challenges. During the training, Li Tie specially arranged group competitions within the team to help the rotating players find the state of the game.


The National Football Team recruits newly promoted Chinese Super League

News from our newspaper (Haihe Media Sports Center reporter Wang Zi) The Chinese national football team is conducting its first training camp this year at the Guanlan Chao football base in Haikou. On February 5 and February 9, the Chinese team will conduct two warm-up matches to test the results of preparations in the past three weeks. The opponents of the first warm-up match lock up the newly promoted Changchun Yatai team of the Chinese Super League.