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Americans’ life expectancy will be shortened by one year in 2020, which has a lot to do with the new crown epidemic

China News Service, February 19, according to the US Chinese website, on the 18th local time, the US federal government reported that in the first half of 2020, the life expectancy of Americans dropped by one year from 2019, which is the largest since World War II. Drop. The report pointed out that the new crown epidemic is an important reason for this situation.


What if the rich get old? Canadian tycoon builds obscenity cave, Russian scientist injected 3.5 million years ago

In order to be able to”keep youth forever”, the human instinct always takes risks. According to the British”Guardian” report, Canadian fashion tycoon Peter Nigard (79 years old), worth up to 1 billion Canadian dollars, carefully built a Mayan civilization-themed”fascination cave” on a small island in the Bahamas in order to become younger.”Only young, thin, curvy women are allowed to enter. In this regard, Nijad openly declared that young girls are his”source of youth.”


79-year-old billionaires built yin kilns and spent hundreds of millions on stem cell injections. How crazy are they trying to stay old?

In order to stay young, how crazy can humans be? According to historical records, the Emperor Jiajing of the Ming Dynasty, for immortality, recruited 13-14-year-old court ladies and used their menstrual blood to practice pills. In order to ensure the purity of menstrual blood, they only eat mulberry leaves and drink dew every day, and then use snake bone meal, toads and other foods to induce menstruation. For more than ten years, countless palace ladies have been destroyed to death, and they have been stinking for thousands of years.