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“Brother Who Overcome the Thorns” Lin Zhixuan and Li Yundi select teams from each other in one second Zhang Jin bids for the performance song naughty “spoiler”

   Mango TV panoramic music competition variety show “Brother Who Overcomes Thorns” aired the first episode (part 2) today. After the first stage concert, the brothers ushered in the challenge of regrouping and bidding for the first performance song. In this issue, there are not only the small live house in the dormitory where the brothers have a tacit understanding, but also the “spoiler” of Zhang Jin’s song auction but accidentally play off, as well as Lin Zhixuan and Li Yundi’s “insurance” combination one-second mutual selection, and Lee Seung-hyun bluntly said “has started.” “Reluctant” and other famous scenes, the brothers are ready to go, and are about to usher in a new challenge.


In the tenth year of the Chorus of”Single Love Song” by the High School Attached to Northeast Normal University, Lin Zhixuan is here

[Article/Observer Network Ruan Jiaqi] At the Double Eleven party, Lin Zhixuan, who sang the classic old song”Single Love Song”, was ridiculed as the only contestant who buckled the topic. On the second day, he rushed to Changchun again early in the morning to have a special chorus of”Single Love Songs” with a group of young high school students, fulfilling the ten-year agreement. Go to high school to sing”Single Love Song”? What is the ten-year agreement?


The 10th year of the chorus of”Single Love Song” by the students of the High School Affiliated to Northeast Normal University, the original singer Lin Zhixuan appeared

Beijing News (Reporter Qi Wang)”Singing”Single Love Songs” for ten years, I really sang Lin Zhixuan.” On November 11th, students and singers of the High School Attached to Northeast Normal University (hereinafter referred to as”East Normal University”) Lin Zhixuan sang”Single Love Song” together. At the scene, Lin Zhixuan encouraged the students to study hard, enter university, and bid farewell to singles with outstanding results.


Lin Zhixuan was worried about wearing a nasal mask in the hospital. The agent responded:No surgery, only a small problem

On July 5, Lin Zhixuan is a famous male singer and music producer. He loves music very much. He has released many albums and held many concerts. He is a low-key and talented musician. But this morning he posted photos of himself lying on a hospital bed looking out the window on a social platform. He also had a therapeutic device on his face, which made fans very worried.